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10 Tweet-Sized Thoughts on Mexico's Startup Ecosystem

Jan 14, 2013.

I just came back from Mexico after attending StartupWeekend in San Luis Potosi. While I don't have enough data to write a full startup report yet, here are my top 10 insights so far...

1 - People tend to forget Mexico is 11th largest country w/112M population.

2 - Mexico city is big, scary big. #opportunities.

3 - @PaulSingh: question is not if Mexico startups will catch on, it's when.

4 - For good or for bad, Mexico is intimately tied to US culture and money

5 - Mexico now accounts for 20% of all @StartupWeekend activities outside of US.

6 - Mexico needs more hacking culture, computers labs can't be empty on Fri afternoon.

7 - Mexico startup ecosystem needs more competition, internally & externally.

8 - @PaulSingh: Mexico will benefit tremendously from a little bit of perceived safety.

9 - Mexico is in desperate need of a local startup hero. ¿donde esta mi Marco Zuckerberg?

10 - Brilliant move by @500Startups to acquire @MexicanVC. Kudos to @DaveMcClure

Mexico Bonus insight on Mexico - One word... Micheladas!

by Bowei Gai